So i lately i haven't really had anytime to blog or anything.
Well, a couple of days ago i had a job interview for a retail shop. If you are like me and looking for a job you know that the retail industry never gives anyone a chance, but i got an interview and i really hope that i get the job. I love BAGS!
I recently got another call from a Pizza shop to do an interview and that is tomorrow. Kinda nervous but over job interviews i just want a job.
I've been on Twitter alot lately, just tweeting about pointless crap and such.
Valentines day was recent and i brought my boyfriend a $6 bear from this little shop, kinda of expensive for a crap little shop. Yeah i know what your thinking i'm cheap for buying him a cheap bear from a cheap shop, so fuck you.
The puppy well not puppy dog is sitting on my :) she's sleeping and snoring.
Well that's about it that has been happening nothing to interesting.