It's been a long time running, but i blah blah blah i forget the rest of the lyrics
It's been a while since i have been on this i actually forgot my password its been that long.
So here's whats been happening.

I got a job at autObarn, it's shit and crap and it's really fucking stressful!!
I got an iphone 4! yay!
I got a boyfriend, ooo la la
I lost my virginity, just kidding
I put a pickle in my ass, just kidding about that to.
I smoked crack with a unicorn.

That's about it, nothing too interesting, i think, wait.
Yeah that's all.




Hi there my babes. I haven't blogged in months. I've been flat stick working. No time on my hands, working 6 days a week, bringing in the dosh but still doesn't seem like enough. Here's a bit of a low down on my life at the moment.

Well, iv'e been working with in the sales industry for 7 months now, working for one company being a telemarketer dealing with electricity, then i got the flick from there. was unemployed for 24 hours then got a job interview for a energy effiencey program booking apointments for some energy thing, then i quit that after 2 months because my pay was absolutely disgusting, then i went to d2d which stands for door to door. So i was knocking on peoples doors doing my thing, that was for electricity also. I ended up leaving that to do telemarketing for the same product that i just started 2 days ago. So overall its been about 6-7 months. In & out of jobs like its a brothel!!

I turned 18 on July 1st of this year! Though when i was under 18 i had already been to Crown & a few bars & the pokies. Also had brought cigarettes & alcohol before that so there really was no big change, just that i could it all legally & get away with it. Except drunk & disorderly in public. I went to the strippers for my 18th, ended up getting really wasted & not remembering the night. Bummer! But i won like 5 bucks at the pokies! Woo Hooo!

Also I ended my relationship with my boyfriend of 2 years, i'm not going to get into detail's because this is the internet. But lets just leave it at it ended on a good note. I've also decided i am too young for a serious relationship & should be out having fun instead of being tied down.

I think that's all the goss i have for now. But if i do think of something i will definitely update again.





I absolutely love big bold statement tattoos. Especially the sparrows.
What do you do for recreation?
Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. 
The occasional acid flashback. 

You can dance! You can dance! 
Everybody look at your pants!



I have many goals to achieve before i die some not so important some really fucking important.
  • Own a real Chanel purse
  • Meet at least 5 celebrity's. Photos essential.
  • Swim in the deep ocean. (To hopefully cure my fear of the water)
  • Get my name on the stars on Hollywood Blvrd
  • Meet Hugh M Hefner
  • Go to Warped Tour
  • Get a degree
  • Shop till i drop
  • Own my own apartment
  • Meet Nicole Richie
  • Become a playmate
  • Try out for Ms Australia
  • Become a Victoria's Secret Model
  • Make a hit youtube video
  • Get married at 30+
And the last most important. Become fucking famous.



When i read that Kristen Stewart may be a lesbian or even bi sexual, i wasn't that surprised. My main reasons.
When ever she kisses Robert Pattinson it is always awkward like in the Twilight movies & also in reality. Also she doesn't really enjoy getting dressed up, i don't no one girl who doesn't love getting dressed up, wearing heels, getting your nails done & getting your hair done, but then again if your like, let's say a "tom boy" then fair enough. If she really is a lesbian or bi sexual, who gives a flying f u c k. I think i may have a reason to why she has tried covering it up, by dating Robert Pattinson. I think she still doesn't no what her choice of sexuality is and wants to keep Rob around because she wants him all to her self, so she is probably still a little confused. But that's just my opinion & everyone is entitled to an opinion at some point. Why i really chose this a topic is because Perez Hilton & everyone else are making it up like its a really big deal. It's honestly her choice to be attracted to who ever she wants, male or female and don't need people making up rumors or what ever the fuck people call it these days. Anyway it was really bugging me & thought i would write it out, instead of boring someone with my opinion on the train to work. :) If any one reads my blogs....  I hope that makes sense to the people reading. xoxo



What do you think of them? 
Some of them are overrated & some brands have gone to far with designing certain patterns for pants.
Here's a few i like.
And here are some that aren't that nice.
There is my opinion on good tights & ugly tights. :)


I finally got myself a two finger ring, after about a few months of trying to find an inexpensive one. But i finally got one, that's all that counts. Here's a photo of it ;)


No better way to put it.




I wouldn't eat one of these. It's rude to the brand. :)



So it has taken me a good 3 years for me to actually decide what i really want to make my occupation when i'm older, most people will laugh or say if that's what you wanna do, then do it, honestly up to me and i care what people think which i really have to stop worrying about. Anyway i'm probably not going to say what it is and will not be telling anyone so its kinda mysterious in a way lol. One bad thing about what it is, that i think you have to have completed full schooling which is a bummer, unless there is some kind of course (doubt it) to do it. Fucccccccccccccck. So i'm kinda in a pickle. Well i will see what i can do and if it doesn't follow through i can always go do that bar-tending or spray tanning course that I've had my eye on yes? Okay okay enough about me. Seeeeeeee ya! x



So i need a CHANEL. wallet, well not need but WANT really really bad. If you can't tell i love CHANEL. :)


T. Mills music is by far my favorite artist to listen to. He sings about whatever and doesn't give a fuck what people think, which is amazing! and the best part he's a total babe! ;D
I suggest you check out his music.
or if your into stalking www.twitter.com/ilovetmills
Check him out now babes.