Hi there my babes. I haven't blogged in months. I've been flat stick working. No time on my hands, working 6 days a week, bringing in the dosh but still doesn't seem like enough. Here's a bit of a low down on my life at the moment.

Well, iv'e been working with in the sales industry for 7 months now, working for one company being a telemarketer dealing with electricity, then i got the flick from there. was unemployed for 24 hours then got a job interview for a energy effiencey program booking apointments for some energy thing, then i quit that after 2 months because my pay was absolutely disgusting, then i went to d2d which stands for door to door. So i was knocking on peoples doors doing my thing, that was for electricity also. I ended up leaving that to do telemarketing for the same product that i just started 2 days ago. So overall its been about 6-7 months. In & out of jobs like its a brothel!!

I turned 18 on July 1st of this year! Though when i was under 18 i had already been to Crown & a few bars & the pokies. Also had brought cigarettes & alcohol before that so there really was no big change, just that i could it all legally & get away with it. Except drunk & disorderly in public. I went to the strippers for my 18th, ended up getting really wasted & not remembering the night. Bummer! But i won like 5 bucks at the pokies! Woo Hooo!

Also I ended my relationship with my boyfriend of 2 years, i'm not going to get into detail's because this is the internet. But lets just leave it at it ended on a good note. I've also decided i am too young for a serious relationship & should be out having fun instead of being tied down.

I think that's all the goss i have for now. But if i do think of something i will definitely update again.