When i read that Kristen Stewart may be a lesbian or even bi sexual, i wasn't that surprised. My main reasons.
When ever she kisses Robert Pattinson it is always awkward like in the Twilight movies & also in reality. Also she doesn't really enjoy getting dressed up, i don't no one girl who doesn't love getting dressed up, wearing heels, getting your nails done & getting your hair done, but then again if your like, let's say a "tom boy" then fair enough. If she really is a lesbian or bi sexual, who gives a flying f u c k. I think i may have a reason to why she has tried covering it up, by dating Robert Pattinson. I think she still doesn't no what her choice of sexuality is and wants to keep Rob around because she wants him all to her self, so she is probably still a little confused. But that's just my opinion & everyone is entitled to an opinion at some point. Why i really chose this a topic is because Perez Hilton & everyone else are making it up like its a really big deal. It's honestly her choice to be attracted to who ever she wants, male or female and don't need people making up rumors or what ever the fuck people call it these days. Anyway it was really bugging me & thought i would write it out, instead of boring someone with my opinion on the train to work. :) If any one reads my blogs....  I hope that makes sense to the people reading. xoxo