So it has taken me a good 3 years for me to actually decide what i really want to make my occupation when i'm older, most people will laugh or say if that's what you wanna do, then do it, honestly up to me and i care what people think which i really have to stop worrying about. Anyway i'm probably not going to say what it is and will not be telling anyone so its kinda mysterious in a way lol. One bad thing about what it is, that i think you have to have completed full schooling which is a bummer, unless there is some kind of course (doubt it) to do it. Fucccccccccccccck. So i'm kinda in a pickle. Well i will see what i can do and if it doesn't follow through i can always go do that bar-tending or spray tanning course that I've had my eye on yes? Okay okay enough about me. Seeeeeeee ya! x