So if you live in Australia you will most likely no that Carl Williams was killed in a jail fight in jail, obviously. If you don't no who he is i suggest you google him because i am not going to waste my time explaining to you fuckers who he is. In my opinion most people are saying that he deserved to die, he got what was coming for him, but i honestly, no matter what he did, yes it was bad, but still you cannot wish upon someones death and be happy that they are dead, you have to think how would his family be feeling. Your probably answering who gives a fuck about his family, but you have to think put your self in his families position, your dad, step dad, brother, uncle whatever was killed your upset yes? Any way i thought i would get it across that i will not mourn for his death but i can and am allowed to feel sorry for his family and friends. :) and who ever is reading this is probably like yeah well they wouldn't give a fuck if you died and all this shit, truth is i don't care, what you have to say, i just wanted to get my point across and my opinion. Go die if you wanna get lippy.