Annoyance and Hate

Indians basically because nobody likes them ...
Reason 1: They cannot drive a taxi properly how hard is it to drive an auto?
I once had one drive up the wrong side of the road on Matthews Av.
Reason 2: Them fucking telemarketers, they obviously don't get the point that we don't want anything to do with there stupid scams!
Reason 3: The Indians at St Al bans Station, yeah just tell everyone where you are so you can all just get the shit kicked out of use again.

People that change their status/mood all the time ...
Reason 1: I don't really care about what your on about
Reason 2: Why your pissed off
Reason 3: And why your little face thingy icon keeps changing

When people take a million photos and put them all up at the same time ...
Reason 1: You drain it!
Reason 2: Why?

People that act hardcore with the keyboard ...
Reason 1: Who can't act hardcore with it
Reason 2: Most people just type anything but won't live up to it when they get somebody come up to them

When people go on your fucking myspace to lurk and look around!?
Reason 1: It's fucking annoying you don't understand how annoying it is when you have over 10 profile views within 2 minutes
Reason 2: Comment or fuck off its that easy

People that let cunts bully them!
Reason 1: Stand up for your fucking self and stop being a pussy
Reason 2: They are probably just as scared of you as you are of them
Reason 3: They only do it to act tough in front of their friends, it doesn't prove anything you fag!

Cunts that copy things off your myspace ...
Reason 1: Not a big deal? Yes it is. We thought of that shit ourselves and then some faggot goes and steals it
Reason 2: Your a fake and unoriginal

People that steal other peoples photos ...
Reason 1: Don't own a camera? ask to borrow a friends
Reason 2: Your just jealous that you don't look like that
Reason 3: It's just fucking gay and annoying seeing the same pictures all over myspace and not knowing who is the real one and not!

People that follow trends like those ugly leather jackets, the red hair, the jean leggings & the hoop nose rings ...
Reason 1: Red hair is ugly, leather jackets are ugly, jean leggings are ugly & the hoop nose rings and just annoying
Reason 2: Gees start your own trend stop being a fucking sheep!

Bus drivers ...
Reason 1: They don't let you take any kind of beverage onto the bus, there's like a 1 in a million chance that you are going to spill it
Reason 2: I had an open red bull can just opened and the cunt made me throw it away

People with those gay graffiti tags ...
Reason 1: It's lame and it doesn't mean a single thing
Reason 2: Whats the point?
Reason 3: Yes its annoying seeing them all over the place detailed graffiti only looks good

Girls that are stupid enough to sell themselves around ...
Reason 1: Why the hell do it? You look really desperate and its pretty disgusting
Reason 2: You like sex? So what most people do. You suck dick? So what most people do it. But you definitely shouldn't don't go around sucking everyone off and fucking everyone. I hope you get a STI/STD.
Reason 3: I have no reason. Your just fucking disgusting!

Please Don't Take Any Offense To What I Have Written. I'm Not Meaning To Offend Anybody.