Harry Potter & Michael Jackson

Harry Potter.
So the new Harry Potter Movie has come out in Australia, no idea about America or what so ever anyway. I want to see it but not at the movies because i will look like a total dork showing up with my wand and my Harry Potter series books ahah im only kidding. I don't have any of that shit only one of the books the red one no idea what its called but anyway. I am not a crazy physco Harry Potter fan but whocares along with why im writing this blog. I wake up at around 10:30 and i turn on the teevee and all i hear is Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliff have done all these interviews but on the channels that i flick to, there all just the same questions and answers. Im sick of hearing about fucking Harry Potter, when the movie was first about to come out i was like cool a new movie then after they showed a milion billion times i was like kill me jesus.
Michael Jackson
Yes, oh no Micahel Jackson is dead and he was The King Of Pop, but after hearing about a million freaking times a day does get a bit annoying and all this Micahel Jackson tribute shows like shit, 2 weeks after he has died, don't you think people would have got over it by now because i freaking know i have and its drilling in my head about to explode. No offence to you die hard Michael Jackson fans. Lastly if you have own some Mj merch and shit why be a fucking retard and sell it on ebay, shows your not a true fan and just want the money.
Love Ainsley. xox