What's been going on?

So i haven't been on Blogger for a while. Possibly because i forgot about, though i had it bookmarked.
I have no idea what to write about. I don't even no what to make the Title. Ill suppose i could tell you all about what i have been doing or what i have been watching or the kind of mischief we have been getting up to. I will start with..

Fucking yes. If your not from Australia and reading this, we don't usually celebrate Halloween as much as the Americas do. Yes, so i have a Halloween party On Saturday (tomorrow) 31st October. I am probably more excited then the birthday person, actually i am pretty sure i am more excited mainly because i have never been to a dress up party, who can blame me for being excited. I am dressing up as an Emo, i have a black tutu, fishnet stockings and these weird looking gloves. When i went shopping for everything the main thing going through my head was "if your going to be an Emo, think like an Emo". I am also doing my eye make up really dark. I think if i look in the mirror i will scare myself, all well who cares, it's HALLOWEEN! After the party we are all heading of to a friends house for as we call it "drink's and stupidity". Yay for Vodka.

What i have been watching
So i have been watching a few things mostly movies, as of the time i get home from going out.
Sex Drive:
Wasn't that funny, some parts were hilarious.
It is mainly about a teenager and wanting to loose his virginity. He has been speaking to this girl on the internet, she asks him to come to her home town. He brought 2 of his friends along, a girl and a boy. After getting into a lot of shit they finally make it there and he meets her and im not going to tell you the rest. :D
Dirty Sanchez Series:
I previously watched some of the stunts they do on you tube. So a friend let me and my boyfriend borrow them, first up series 1-3. I cannot really remember Series one or two but it was fucking awesome.  Series 3 is like a tour around Europe. Performing live shows and partying like normal people do. I recommend you borrow them from a friend or the video store. You will not be disappointed. If you are not into people vomiting and hurting themselves, don't bother watching.
Dirty Sanchez Movie:
Very good but too short, i wish all movies went for 2 hours. It would be like 2 hours of laughing and gagging. I loved it. I cannot remember any other movies i have previously watched. My memory is a bit fragile.

The Past
Well well well were to begin. No fucking clue.
I had a job for about a month. I cannot uphold a job no matter what it is, maybe i'm not meant to work? I was working at Wendy's Ice Cream Parlor. So i had an Asian boss who seemed nice but was a complete asshole. He told me i was meant to get at least 10 hours a week, that didn't happen only 3 or 2 hours. Anyway i took a day of because it was the school holidays and the other girls that worked there i didn't like. Though i do not like anyone. Then the next week i had to work again, but i didn't and i didn't let him no that i wasn't going to be coming in. Later that day he text me this abusive message saying that it is all my fault because i didn't tell him and now they are in a big mess. How the fuck is that my fault? He sent me a text the next week saying sorry I've been sick. I am still trying to figure out if I'm still employed there or not. Either way fuck the cunt.

Ill write more later

Well I'm back now from where i left off.
A few nights back we went to Melbourne Underground. It's the drains of under neath Melbourne. It was possibly one of the most scariest things i have ever done. We walked from Crown in the city, we walked to Chapel Street, i don't know what suburb but it was like a 4 hour walk, i was wearing tracksuit pants and chucks. While we were walking, i could feel my baby toes getting blisters, so i took my shoes off and walked my way there. Fast forward to when we got to the drains. You have to walk down this little hill then across this thing to get down into the tunnel. Ill put photos up soon. So once we all managed to walk down into the start of the tunnel, we decided to walk down it, the walk was about 10 minutes. there was water dripping from the top of the tunnel and it sounded like the place was going to flood straight away. We eventually got to the main part were some Cave Clan thing is there were like couches, chairs, empty bottles, chip packets and candles all over the place. A few of the other people wanted to walk down into were there was water, because it lead to the Jam Factory (i think its a shopping center or a jam factory). Fuck that. So we were chilling in there for a bit looking around lighting some candles so we could see around. There was also so really good graffiti on the walls. It wasn't that stupid tag stuff it was actual paintings. After staying there for a few hours i wanted to leave just in case it was going to rain, if it rains there would have been flash flooding, i didn't want to die, and definitely die from drowning. We eventually left after some very experienced nagging. We walked up some road to 7/11 onto to Toorak Road, after chilling for a bit we decided to walk home, passing Rod Laver Arena, that giant Ferris wheel in the city and to the car.

Ainsley xox