Cigarettes & Junk Food!

So tonight November 3, 2009, i have been thinking, i don't know why and i don't know how it popped into my head. Actually i do no how it popped into my head. Somebody that i am following on my twitter is quiting and he's been i think 5 days now without a cigarette. So if he can do it so can i! I am going to give up smoking cigarettes and eating junk food. I want to be nice and fit and have really healthy lungs because i am only young and i do not want to die from lung cancer or tongue cancer at the age of 25. I am going to start tomorrow November 4, 2009. I will keep updating this as of how i am going and how hard it is to quit!

So i'm not just going to quit out of no where, i'm going to wait for my deck to run out, then once it runs out it, i will start my time to give up cigarettes. See if i quit and i still had cigarettes in the deck it would be much harder to try and not take one, so there fore i am waiting for the deck to run out!

So the deck has run out, it ran out about 3 4 hours ago, but since the deck ran out i haven't had one full cigarette only drags. I'm rather proud of myself.  To stop me from needing a cigarette, I've decided to chew chewing gum. It doesn't really help but its better then nothing. Well ill be off for now, was just updating on my progress. :D

I haven't given up, I've started smoking whole cigarettes. Only because i watched Paranormal Activity last night and i was so scared so i just had a whole one. I woke up in the morning and my boyfriends mum brought him cigarettes. i couldn't help myself. Al well. Its been my first time trying to quit, i am still trying by not as having a smoke every hour, i am having one every 2 hours, cutting down is just as good, it helps. :D

So we went out last night, and i did not have one cigarette! Not one! i only had drags! Then when i got home after an hour i had one i couldn't help it, i just needed one :). So today I've had a few cigarettes, whole ones, all well, but for some reason when i'm out i do not smoke as much, i think I've cut down a lot. Ill update more tomorrow.

Love Ainsley xox